Find Your Inner Black Belt

I look at how people overcome adversity and achieve their goals by finding their inner strength, resolve and skills to succeed. A variety of people are interviewed and at times as the host, I may read or comment on articles or connections that I've made with other people. The goal of the podcast is to help listeners rise up, persevere and find their inner black belts in life, business, education or wherever they may be.
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May 7, 2017

Mike Carr discusses how he found success as the Area Design Manager for Kimball Office starting with door-to-door sales of car tuneup certificates. He then discusses how he first got into the A&D industry, became a person of importance to others and talks about his most valued mentors. Mike also talks about his faith and how it influences his daily practices in the areas of leadership, building great teams and managing conflict. Mike provides great insights and true honesty; I know he will be a regular and he is truly a wonderful person and a friend. Thanks Mike!